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Our Delicious Story

Green Sprouts strives to provide delicious Chinese plant-based dishes that is creatively put together to achieve a great taste and appealing to both vegans and non-vegans alike.

Every effort is made by our chef teams to ensure the quality and freshness of our food served at Green Sprouts. The team led by Carmen Cai, look forward to welcoming you to Green Sprouts to explore all of your Chinese favourite.

Plant-Based Dumplings

fresh ingredients every time

All our Dumplings are handmade fresh on premise

— Some of Our Favorites —

Signature Clay Pot Tofu
Pan Fried Dumplings
Hot & Sour Soup

Truffle Fried Rice

Wok fried rice with mixed mushroom, vegan pork floss in truffle oil

Honey Prawns

Crispy vegan prawns coated with caramel

Seawead Fish

Coated with 5 pickled vegetables, tofu skin fish in sweet and sour sauce

Peking Duck

Smoked vegan duck, cucumber served with handmade pancake in hoisin sauce

Wonton Soup

Wonton in vegetable soup and mixed vegetables

Szechuan Chilli Chicken

Deep fried vegan chicken, tossed in chilli peppers & Szechuan pepper corn

Meal Prep


Pre made meals – We prep them – You simply click order and enjoy! no cooking, no shopping, no dirty dishes!

Here's how it works​


Order Online

Choose the meals & dietary options you want from our Delivery or Pick-up menu and place your order online.


Chef Prepare

Our chef teams will prepare your order using fresh ingredients and ensure the quality of your meals will be packed with flavour. Healthy for your body.


Pick-up or Deliver​

Healthy meals ready to Pick-up at our restaurant or deliver to you.


Heat and Enjoy​

Heat it up and enjoy!


Get Green Sprouts delivered straight to your door. Place your order at one of our delivery partners.